Valentine’s Day Outfits

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, women  are last minute shopping for the perfect outfit. Men don’t have the slightest clue how much effort is put in an entire outfit. It’s not just about the dress. Women also pull together matching shoes, jewellery, accessories, make-up and hair style.

There are also so many factors that influence an outfit. So before you go all out and shop for yet another outfit consider this:

How will the weather be like? It might be worth investing in a nice pink/red coat or scarves and gloves to pull together a Valentine’s day outfit.

Try to find out out where you will be dining. It could be a very expensive restaurant, or a cute and hip neighberhood local. Even if it’s dinner at home prepared by him, look and feel your best!

Is this your first date? is it your first Valentine’s? Is this your one thousand three hundred and ninth date? So what? Don’t dress to impress, but dress up to reflect your personality: romantic, flirty, sexy, bold or shy, he will love you for you not for your clothes!


With that said, we put together two different outfits for your inspiration.

Valentine’s Day Outfit #1

This outfit’s center piece is the WishNow’ Poison dress. This dreamy above the knee dress is flirty, sexy and yet elegant. The sophisticated cocktail dress is available for $350, and you can have it custom made!   Fit for a fairy tale like evening, make sure you match it with Skinny Bag’s Fairy Tale Clutch available on their online store for $217 (they currently have a Valentine’s day promo for 15% off).

Valentine's day outfit



 Valentine’s Day Outfit #2

For our second outfit we opted for a more romantic and elegant ensemble from Alexandra Lin Designs. This white and pink skirt and top are perfect for those die-hard romantics, and we recommend a matching Skinny Bags Love Story CrossBody. We also found an amazing jewelery designer, which we are sure you’d love: Babette Shannan. This rubellite and pink diamonds ring is set in pink gold and has a unique vintage look.

Valentine's day outfit


We hope you like our Valentine’s day outfits, and as you can tell, we support emerging fashion and jewellery designers alike. We find their inspiring stories to be, well…romantic!

Valentine’s Day Fun

Valentine’s Day Fun

Today’s the day! It’s either you’re dreading this day or very excited to celebrate love. Valentine’s Day has arrived. As department store shelves go empty of chocolate, stuffed animals and cute love inspired cards, we prepare for the day or night ahead of us.

Although many couples will be celebrating on this special day, this is also a time for you to show the ones close to you just how much you care about them. If you are looking for some fun valentine’s day inspired gifts or outfits for a special occasion this weekend here is a small list that may help give you an idea.

D’avi Knitwear

D'avi Knitwear

This “Orangine” D’avi Knitwear dress is perfect for any occasion this weekend. The lace adds a little sex appeal to the dress, while the length offers a more sophisticated look. This two toned, luxurious dress is 100% hand knitted and made in Canada.

Willa Stacking Rings

live beautiful

From live beautiful co. this set of seven stacking rings makes for the perfect eye catching look and the gift that will capture any heart. Made from 14/20k recycled gold fill, rose gold fill, and sterling silver, these delicate rings are great to wear separate or all together. Timeless with endless possibilities!


Estee Lauder- Modern Muse Fragrance

Estee Lauder

This alluring fragrance by Estee Lauder is sure to capture your heart, but also those around you. Modern Muse provides a great blend of florals and woods to create a smell that will match whatever plans you have for this day.

Erickson Baemon Headpiece

Erickson Baemon

Crystal headbands make it much more simpler to do something with your hair. You can easily turn a dull outfit into something amazing without the added accessories. This stunning Erickson Baemon Ice Age Headpiece exemplifies that.

Pearl Chandelier Earrings

Toby Lynn Gems

If you’re having a fancy night out, or stumped on a gift to get that special woman in your life, these chandelier earrings would do just fine. Toby Lynn Gems has created this beauty; It’s intertwined glass pearls and crystals is what makes these earrings so magical.

Christopher Bates Brown Trench Coat

Christopher Bates

If you are looking to splurge on the man in your life this Christopher Bates trench coat is the perfect choice. His use of the leather patch offers a unique look to this jacket, while still allowing it to remain sleek and stylish.

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This article was written by fashion blogger Jonika. You can follow her @JonikaJun