Winter Wonderland: Ways to Wear White this Winter

Winter white style guide

An unofficial ‘rule’ of fashion is not to wear white after Labor Day. However, this ‘rule’ has been broken constantly with the continued appearance of white on the runway throughout the fashion season. It really comes to whether you are a fan of wearing white or not. The winter season is fast approaching and with it comes the quest to find the perfect way to style winter whites. In order to give you a better idea on how to wear fashionable winter whites I spoke with a few fellow fashion bloggers and professionals to get their take on just how to wear this color and what you might want to avoid.

Kristie Glenn, Blue Labels Boutique owner and blogger of What’s The Haps had this to say, “Pairing white with camel is a great way to wear white in the winter! Here is a trendy outfit idea: white trousers, a thin white sweater with a camel colored cape (which are a big trend right now) and leopard print shoes. It’s usually best to avoid wearing black shoes because they can look too heavy.”  For more from Kristie you can find her boutique Blue Labels Boutique here and her blog, What’s the Haps?.

Ways to wear white

Pantone white

Here’s another idea tip courtesy of Marian Rothschild, a Certified Personal Image Consultant, wardrobe stylist, blogger, award-winning and best-selling author.  You can be a trendsetter by wearing white when all others around you are wearing dull gray and boring black. “Winter white” is a very soft shade of ivory with a tiny tint of either peach, tan or yellow. Do not go with a grayish white; it will look dreadfully dull against any skin tone. You can find Marian at

Our third outfit idea and input comes courtesy of Aurora Berill who is the founder & administrator of Elegance of Luxury. It reaches an international audience mainly from Italy, the US, UK and Germany.  The following is what she had to say:

“Our personal style says a lot about ourselves. Don’t be afraid to experiment, add a bit of white and your look will transform into an elegant and sophisticated look. I’ve created 3 looks which can inspire you and help you get dressed for work, elegant dinners and other occasions & etc. If you prefer to add more black and less white into your winter look, then take a look at one of my outfits. I wear my black and white coat in combination with a red dress. Take care of the details!”

White winter by Aurora Berill

You can find Aurora over on You can also connect with her on several social media platforms found on the blog as well.

Here’s my final take.  The outfit choices are endless.  For example, you might prefer an all white look (i.e. detailed jacket, blouse, and pants paired together).  If traditional white isn’t what you are going for then perhaps a different shade like ecru or ivory might work for you.  You can also pair white with another neutral color or metallic like silver to give you more of a winter feel.  This look will work if you plan on attending parties this holiday season.   These are just some of the tips on the stylish ways to wear your winter white this upcoming season. Hopefully, I have given you an insight on how to style your winter white, and also how to make it a must have part of your winter wardrobe.

Winter White by Tamarah Brown

This article is written by Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter @TZB86

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Fashion Finds for Winter

Fashion has always been the difference between a good day and a great day. It’s walking into the break room and finding freshly made bagels with homemade peanut butter, it’s finding your favourite pair of shoes on sale only your size, and it’s the coolest summer breeze on a hot August night. For me, fashion has provided me the confidence to speak up, to strive further professionally and really discover myself. It’s beautiful, it’s comforting, it helps me express myself without saying anything at all… and it’s seriously being hindered by below thirty degree Canadian winters.

I’ve always had a good laugh at a few Fall/Winter fashion shows. They showcase their beautiful tights, pleated skirts and short sleeve coats. Sure, they’re lovely and I want to wear them all season, but it’s just impossible in Canada. As somebody who frequents public transit, I knew I needed to find an alternative to feel myself while facing the cold.

Below are some of my finds to get me through the winter. I hope you find your warm and fashionable niche this cold season like I did!

Women’s Medina Rain Ankle Boots
Putting a short wool sock in these boots makes them an all year round favourite. They’re comfortable, true to size and make me feel super fashionable. Not only do they feature a rubber sole and proper traction, but they feature a rubber coated heel which is made to look higher fashion with the brown leather panel on the back. Did I also mention that rubber boots are the easiest to clean in the winter? These are perfect at $250.

Ankle Boots by Sorel

Denali Masterpiece
This coat is high quality, and undeniably beautiful. It’s perfect for cold weather, even if you take a trip further North. I also love that this coat isn’t as obvious as a Canada Goose, setting you apart from the crowd while still staying toasty warm. At $1,165, it’s definitely a coat to save for.

Denali Masterpiece Front View    Denali Masterpiece Back View

Dylanium Knits Carolina Toque
You lose so much heat from your head in the winter, it would be crazy not to wear a hat. Not just any hat, but a beautifully knitted toque from Dylanium Knits. It’s easy to mistake this choice as an endorsement as Dylanium Knits will be available on Luevo, but his hats are high quality, warm, soft and very versatile. The toque trend makes this a great option to wear in the fall with just a scarf and sweater, or a cozy must-have for the coldest days in Winter. If you wear this hat a conservative twice a week in the Fall and Winter, the hat only costs $1.80 each time you wear it. Realistically, you’ll wear it some days in the fall and every day in the winter. For only $99, do the math, this piece is an easy yes!

Dylanium Knits Carolina Toque


Article written by guest fashion blogger Bhreigh Gillis. You can follow her on twitter @Bhreigh.