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Talking Skinny Bikini with Aida Takyrbasheva

It is officially spring! This means it is time to shop for shorts, skirts, sandals and all that other good stuff. During winter we work hard in the gym and keep at our diets for this moment. To flaunt our summer body and feel confident in our own skin. While you prepare for that vacation or just for the summer in your city, you begin searching for a bikini that is just right for you. Skinny Bikini is a swimwear line that is sure to embody everything you are looking for in a bikini.

Aida Takyrbasheva and Kelly Mi Li are the founders of Skinny Bikini. A glamorous, daring, sexy and edgy type of fashionista is what they had in mind when they founded the swimwear line. Skinny Bikini is known for their sexy cuts, and their original bold prints and designs. All this and the impeccable fit is why Skinny Bikini has attracted so many women to date. I had the pleasure of speaking with Aida about their line and their new collection, Jet Set Glamour 2014.

Can you tell us briefly about how you got started with Skinny Bikini Swimwear?

For years I have been in search of a perfect bikini that would not only enhance my figure, offer incredible comfort and support target areas, but also be an expression of my individuality, high-fashion taste, and sensual style. Travelling from a young age, has evoked feelings of love and appreciation for a diverse palette of colors, designs, culture, and multi-faceted people. In addition, being raised by such powerful, strong, inspiring women such as my grandmothers and mother allowed me to develop an immense appreciation for beauty, the art of fashion and expressing a personal sense of femininity and uniqueness from the inside out.

Aida from Skinny Bikini

It is with this dream in mind that I have become so passionate about designing my very own line of swimwear. Skinny Bikini represents a confident woman, show-stopping jetsetter with an immeasurable sense of individuality who loves to have fun. A Skinny Bikini customer is daring and edgy, provocative yet elegant, and appreciates a comfortable fit without having to sacrifice a sexy look.

Describe Skinny Bikini. What sets this a part from other swimwear brands?

With our attention to detail, hand crafted precision, unique designs, and dedicated team of employees, we raise the bar for designer swimwear transforming our products into luxurious, sophisticated pieces. Our end products speak for themselves with their “second skin” fit and comfort. At the end of the day, no matter how beautiful a swimsuit is, if it doesn’t fit properly and accentuate a woman’s figure she won’t buy it. Versatility is also a big factor that sets our line a part. Many of our pieces have detachable accessories that are easy to dress up or dress down for a more casual setting.

Skinny Bikini

What’s your design background?

Years of travel, a cosmopolitan lifestyle and admiration for the richness of different cultures have allowed designer AidaTakyrbasheva to experience a fascinating life journey and served as inspiration in founding Skinny Bikini Swimwear. The brand sky rocketed a year into business when partner Kelly Mi Li, a successful entrepreneur, came on board adding great synergy to the established team. The interesting people, treasurable moments of love and exotic places served as a road map to inspiration for the 2014 Jet Set Glamour Collection. This collection is dedicated to bold, confident, unique women who are passionate about life, strong in their sense of individuality, worldly in their outlook, and classy in their etiquette. They aspire to look fabulously luxurious while collecting new experiences on their adventures.

What has helped you come up with some themes for your collections? For example, your From Russia with Love Collection.

I believe that inspiration comes in all shapes and forms if you aspire to inspire. Look around you it is everywhere: it is in the colorful details of a gorgeous sunset, it is in the early blossom of spring flowers,  it is in the experiences and people that you meet when travelling and it is also from within one’s soul.

Our 2013 Collection: “From Russia With Love” is a sneak peek into the ever so rich, bold, extravagant, gaudy world of glamour. There are many layers to the Russian culture due to the abundance and diversity of cultural history. My goal with the new collection was to show our audience the intricate details, powerful colors, and opulent statement pieces that you can rock from the runway to the beach. I also wanted to push the traditional boundaries of the swimwear industry and sex it up a notch!

What’s your favourite type of swimwear to wear? One piece or two piece? colour?

It depends on the occasion and my mood. I believe in dressing for your body and how you feel. Let’s face it we don’t always wake up feeling like a super model ready to strut around the pool. Sometimes we just want to be the girl next door and slip into something more comfortable while lounging at the beach. So it all depends on the day. We’re women and we’re unpredictable, so it’s good to have lots of options!

What do you think the 2014 swimwear trend will be for this summer?

2014 will be about combining different fabrics, textures, and pushing the limits. Lots of geometrical shapes, fun laser cut outs, custom printed fabrics.

I’ve been on some cruises and gone to some pool parties, but I can never find a great outfit to pair with my bikini! In your opinion how do you make your bikini stylish with your whole outfit for a party, the beach or on a cruise?

My advice would be to find 2-3 staple swimsuits of your wardrobe and dress them up with accessories. I’m not big on mixing and matching tops/ bottoms but if you invest in a nice one piece, bandeau bikini and triangle top bikini you are set. Sometimes it’s good to go back to basics and work with your favorite pieces and switch up your cover ups, incorporate hats and other accessories. We have a variety of different styles on that will satisfy all of your fashion needs!

Skinny Bikini

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This interview and blog was written by Jonika. You can follow her @JonikaJun