What to wear to a fashion event?

So you were invited to a fashion event, and the day before you start wondering what should you wear! This time is not your girlfriends checking out your outfit head to toe, but it’s your local fashion experts, and in a city like Toronto the pressure is on!

So, with an invitation in my hand to go to a fashion event in the famous Yorkville district of Toronto, I start lining up different outfit options, and what else can I do, but categorize, sub-categorize, and choose! (Must be the divide and conquer theory I was taught in history class a while ago…).

Option #1: Wear something famous! Choose a brand that anyone would recognize and flaunt in front of snapping cameras and the on-site fashionistas…but..  that can be a bad idea when the event is organized by a designer or a store that showcases certain brands, which is the case with my event. So no, this is not a good opportunity to showcase the one most expensive piece of clothing that I own; however, here are some designer outfits that most certainly will be a hit at a Toronto fashion event:

An outfit signed by Lucian Matis – one of the best shows at Toronto Fashion Week 2012:


Option #2: As an alternative, I could wear one of the labels carried by the respective boutique, such as :


A Back stretch knit dress by Arti Gogna you can buy here.

Cowl neck 3/4 sleeve dress by Dagg & Stacey that you can get here.


Option #3: Or you can be totally fresh, and wear Canadian label no other than Joe Fresh:


Ultimately I think the rules of the game are: while you want to stand out, don’t overdo it, be yourself! Be considerate to the event’s theme, if the event is organized for independent local designers don’t walk in wearing Prada!

And finally, in my case, I want to wear something that will represent me and my company, and most importantly bring forward the creations of the designers that we at Luevo have discovered.