Bringing Sexy Back – How To Wear a Backless Top

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We’ve all seen them – backless tops (and dresses…) have been running the runway and stores everywhere lately. I mean sometimes it’s hard to tell if the person in front of you is even wearing a shirt, because all you see is back. All jokes aside – cut outs have been a major staple piece to this seasons trends and it’s also been very hard for ladies everywhere to figure out exactly how to wear ’em!

No one wants their bra hanging out, and sometimes the backless look is what makes the outfit, so a bandeau hanging out just doesn’t do the shirt any justice. No worries ladies — where there is a will, there is a way. Here are some ways that you can rock the backless look, without showing everyone what kind of bra you decided to wear that day.

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1. Sticky Boob

Sticky boob is the answer to our prayers. It makes letting your back be exposed ten times more comfortable, and easier of course. It’s pretty much like wearing a bra, just without the actual straps and all the hooks that come along with all your standard bras. Some people get nervous wearing sticky boob, because what if it falls off, doesn’t support me enough, etc. but sometimes, it’s the risk you’re gonna have to be willing to take!

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2. Bandaids…I’m not kidding

I’ll never forget when I was getting ready to go to my Senior Dinner Dance in high school and had no idea what to wear for my bra, because my dress had cut outs. My mom suggested bandaids and I actually laughed out loud. I didn’t do it but looking back at it, I should’ve. Since growing up, I’ve used this trick a few things when wearing more revealing tops and dresses and each time it has worked flawlessly. Of course, taking them off isn’t the best feeling, but it’s great knowing you can rock these sexy tops, without a care in the world!

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3. Let Them Free 

Of course, this option is not plausible for all but for you small chested women out there, and maybe with the right top for you larger chested women, remember going without a bra or any sort of protection of your girls is an option. You don’t have to wear a bra! Do what makes you feel comfortable and allows you to wear what you want to wear. Of course, with some shirts you’d be cutting it close to a Janet Jackson style nip-slip, if you didn’t rock a bra, or at least one of the two options above, but in some cases you don’t need to worry about how to protect the girls! Remember that.

Of course, like many trends, this one may come and go. However for now it’s really, really cute, but also really, really difficult to plan how to wear it. These options above are just some of what I use when I’m in a sticky situation, but aren’t the only ones.

What do you do when your shirt requires a little more skin to be exposed? Or your dress has a huge cut out? Let us know in the comments below!

Article written by Amanda, an aspiring fashion journalist who blogs about fashion on her personal blog The Trendy Times. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @barba_amanda!

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