Introducing Guest Blogger Jonika

When it comes to fashion blogging Jonika takes most of her inspiration from travel, music and theatre. She recently graduated from The University of Guelph-Humber for public relations and media studies. Her well-rounded taste in a variety of subjects is what makes writing about fashion more enjoyable for her because fashion is incorporated into many different things.

Long before the widely popular song ‘Thrift Shop’ dominated the music charts, finding a great buy for an incredible price was, and still is why Jonika loves to go thrift shopping. She finds that mixing older and newer pieces together makes for a more unique look. Also, this lessens the chance of someone wearing the same outfit as her at an event, which is every woman’s nightmare.

Jonika draws her style from the love she has for hip-hop music and South Korean fashion. Hip Hop artists such as Azealia Banks, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino adds inspiration to her wardrobe. Jonika’s love for Korean entertainment is where her adoration for their fashion comes from.

Her favourite and most recent purchase is her black cutout booties pictured below. They are super chic, cute but still can be worn in an edgy way, which sums up Jonika’s fashion sense.

Jonika shoes

Traveling gives people the opportunity to discover more about themselves and the world they’re surrounded by. Jonika uses this idea of traveling to study fashion intently from around the world. Fashion can change drastically depending on location, weather, people etc. The importance of travel for Jonika encourages her to learn about other cultures and their fashion. Ultimately, it is not just about fashion but also about the learning experience that accompanies it. She is currently planning a trip to Spain as she finds the architecture moving there.

Jonika Image

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