Born Again Vintage stuns fashionistas at Fashion Week Brooklyn

An author, vintage expert and designer, Bridgett Artise is making waves in the fashion industry and her Spring/Summer 15 Born Again Vintage collection is just one of many successes she has seen. Her open attitude to different things has allowed her and her brand to expand and inspire others. Her career as a designer gives space for Artise to express her creativity. It is perfect as nothing binds her back from the freedom and space she has to create. Usually, it is just one component that Artise needs to birth a whole line made of numerous textures, prints, and colors. It seems that though her ideas are sporadic, there is a value to this spontaneity as the fresh appeal of her designs come organically and are produced masterfully.

“A turning point for me was receiving a phone call from New York Times about an article where I was deemed a vintage expert and about my teachings about this topic for my alma mater.”

Born Again Vintage

Called ‘born again’ vintage, the collection is centered on a theme of rebirth. Rebirth is at the essence of her brand as Artise’s design eyes continuously gain new understandings of the world around her and what her clothes should communicate. The lessons she has learnt and her persistent creativity come together to tell new stories each season.

Born Again Vintage has come a long way. It started after Artise’s hiatus from buying and spending time as a mother when one day she had an urge to create. Her productions received great responses though she never had any intentions of selling or making a business. These unexpected plans stumbled into her life and she hasn’t looked back since. We are so happy to see Born Again Vintage on the runway at Fashion Week Brooklyn, and we have the best selection of her Spring/Summer’15 designs here.