Jaefields, a look behind the emerging Portland brand

Wookie Fields is the design talent behind ultra cool label Jaefields, a fashion line that looks and feels right. Fields’ Spring/Summer 15 collections walked down the runway this season at Portland Fashion Week and drew many to long for his versatile pieces. The clothing that makes up the Jaefields line comes from a creative thought box of Fields’ background experience in programming and algorithms. He has always been a designer in essence and his foray into apparel and product design shows his well balanced aesthetic.



The Jaefields collection has an obvious streetstyle aesthetic that is strengthened by its versatility and functionality. Fields has paid attention to the tiniest details from the material to the length of a clothing item to make pieces feel at home on the wearer, and not in a boring way. His ideas are always fresh as the collection translates his evolving taste and ideas gathered from his travels around the world. Any world traveler knows her or himself, and Jaefields is what can make up the contents of a perfect suitcase.

“Fashion is one way of defining your character and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the comfort for design…From the right material to the right cut, this fall 2014 really accentuates those two words, versatility and functionality. It’s simple and essential for any occasion.”


Jaefields’ intent is to create unique, stylish and versatile garments with focus on functionality. Each collection is made of carefully curated garment, all originating from Fields’ search for the perfect pieces. Like any other emerging designer, growing the brand and gaining exposure has been a challenge, but the designer is extremely driven and motivated by the process of creating perfect designs which can only bring more success in the future.