L-L-B talks ecofashion at Fashion Week Brooklyn

Upon first glance at the L-L-B Spring/Summer 15 collection, one can see that there is a great depth to the ideas that have produced the pieces that models wore down the runway at Fashion Week Brooklyn. Lisbeth Løvbak Berg is the designer behind L-L-B whose creations are making waves in the fashion industry, and there is little stopping her goal of taking over the international market.

As an individual, Berg was drawn to many interests ranging from medicine to languages and finally rested on the fashion world. Other career options diminished as her passion steered her towards design. Berg states that her favorite moments are when she sees her pieces come to life on the runway; numerous ideas go into the conception of a piece and to see those ideas come into reality is what makes this design process satisfying for her. It is good that Berg focused on what she really loves and excels at as her creativity and passion drive her towards producing her beautiful lines.

The Spring/Summer 15 collection by Berg called, “Construction” is based on this theme of constructing appearances through clothes. Clothing create an image of who individuals are, but is only a small piece of the larger puzzle of one’s identity. The clothes in the Construction colletion are themselves like pieces in a puzzle, with the option of being able to be attached and detached to outfits. Berg draws inspiration from many places such as an image of cranework against the blue sky. Architecture, industry, and her travels are feed into the ideas she ultimately uses for her designs.

Berg’s design journey is a continuous experimentation with new things. As a child she created ‘little things’ and her studies in art have prepared her to view the world with artistic eyes. The designer is exploring ecofashion as she considers the ways humans and clothing interact. Textiles are not just fabrics, but represent concepts of function and design, making it evident that Berg is not running out of ideas anytime soon.



Pieces from the Construction collection are now available at Luevo.