Florals for Spring and Summer

The saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. As the days get warmer, get ready to start seeing more florals. While there is nothing new about the feminine trend, the style was serious on the runway and got a major update for the new season. The trend was seen on almost every runway and has been transformed into red carpet looks. Look around and you will find florals on everything from shoes to blazers. Florals make anything look chic, feminine, and fabulous.


Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking. – Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada
This response will live on, but will continue to be proven wrong time and time again. It’s time to start embracing florals, seeing as the trend is showing no signs of going anywhere. Print dresses, shoes, swimwear, and even accessories. There’s an endless selection of ways to rock this trend.

What’s a better way to say goodbye to the dark spring days than stepping into bright floral outfits? If you’re the type to not usually wear florals, ease into the trend. Start by carrying a floral clutch or opt for a pair of floral shoes, if you’re daring. Like the flowers around you, slowly blossom into the trend. Before you know it, you’ll be embracing the floral trend with all the items you already have in your closet.

To make florals look modern and chic, pair simple outfits with an eye catching floral pieces. The bold floral colours will pop when paired with a simple white or neutral item and some candy-coloured accessories. To avoid looking too over done, limit your accessories.


You almost can’t go wrong when it comes to embracing this trend. Floral dresses scream summer and warm weather. They’re feminine and can be dressed up and made edgy. Pair it with neutral jewelry and shoes. The dress will speak for itself and get all the attention.

Floral dresses give off a fun summer vibe and can be worn anywhere and for just about any occasion. Not sure about buying that floral dress and want to stick to a mainly casual and simple look? A floral jacket or blazer will instantly transform basic white blouse and skirt combo into a stylish look.


Don’t go for the head-to-toe floral look. All those basic wardrobe essentials you already own (classic white shirt) can be worn with florals. Pair a floral top with a pair of white pants and a basic bag. All the attention will be on your top. For a more formal look (for work) a white blouse and standard purse will tone down the bold colours of a floral skirt. When in doubt, neutrals will always be safest.

Enjoy and embrace the floral trend for spring and summer. It’s all about having fun with fashion. This is probably why the floral trend is one that is here to stay.

Written by Tianna Alexandre, >yourstyleforecast.com Editor. Be sure to follow her on Twitter.