Ragazza Bazaar by Nancy Contreras

Nancy Contreras started Ragazza Bazaar as an online boutique which featured a handful of ready to wear pieces made overseas. With the help of social media and blog promotions, the brand has blossomed and grown to what it is today. Ragazza Bazaar is all about glamour, chic, and edge. Each piece has it’s own unique flare and style, much like every girl that’s out there. Nancy definitely makes sure there is something for everyone, and her designs always have a little twist in them, whether it involves a funky colour, a wild material, or a bold pattern. If you are a glamorous fashionista who loves to take risks, or even if you are someone more conservative looking to spice things up, Ragazza Bazaar certainly has you covered. Nancy says, “I hope to be a brand of choice for all woman, a brand that they can relate to and wear. My designs are created to flatter every curve, whether small or large. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable.”

What goals have you accomplished that you are most proud of thus far, when it comes to Ragazza Bazaar?

My website. It represents more than just a Fashion Collection, it displays my creative personality. Every photo, every word, and every page is designed and created by me. I feel proud when others take notice, whether it’s online or in person. I have had many awesome experiences and met many talented people. Every one has been a stage for me professionally. I am very flattered by the amazing people that have responded to my work.


 The Pieces available on the Luevo website are from your Girl Next Door collection.  What inspired the pieces in this collection? What makes them unique? What is your process of inspiration?

At one of the fashion shows that I was featured at, I met Annabelle, one of the runway models that walked for my collection.  She was so sweet and agreed to fit all the designs for a test shoot. I grew very fond of the photos and invited her to  pose for my website. We did a couple of shoots and posted the photos online. The photos made a splash on social media and soon I began to receive messages from local models and photographers that wanted to work with me. Since then, I have featured a handful of models and each of them inspired the”look” making every design unique to their style, hence “The Girl Next Door Collection.”

The use of different textures and patterns seems to be a common theme in your designs. How important is it to you to diversify your designs within each collection to provide a greater variety?

Investing in your look and representing your style can come highly expensive. I design my pieces so that you can wear them year round by easily combining them with your favourite closet classics.

 Describe the RB girl. Who is she to you? What does she represent?

The RB Girl is confident, bold, and daring. She is the girl next door. She represents our flirty side and sophisticated taste, a love for fashion, and the drive for success.

rb2 small

With the fashion world continuously evolving and changing, what trends do you foresee will take over this summer? What are some of your favourite trends happening right now?

Based on what I have seen so far,  it looks like one piece swimwear will feature lots of cut outs and high waisted bikinis will be a hit. I am quickly falling for the “print on print” combos and the “Chanel Grunge” look.

If you had less than a minute to put together a quick summer outfit for a night out on the town, what are the first pieces that come to mind? Why?

A black halter bodysuit/leotard, wide leg maxi pants or trousers, and strappy stilettos because it’s a chic and easy look that anyone can rock!

Who would you like to see wearing your clothes, whether they are celebrities, friends, family, etc? Why?

I would like to see the everyday girl wear my clothing. I want women to feel confident and focus on developing themselves as successful entities without insecurities about how they look getting in the way. Wearing clothes that are flattering and comfortable make you feel confident and that is a great start to anybody’s day!


For more on Nancy and Ragazza Bazaar visit www.ragazzabazaar.com and follow her on twitter @ragazzabazaar.

This Article was written by Angie.  Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Unngie.