We take you to Toronto Fashion Week S/S15

Last week Toronto was buzzing with the sound of thousands of fashionistas and the click clack of fabulous stilettos could be heard around every corner. Toronto Fashion Week ( or World Master Card Fashion Week as it is officially known) took place last week where many Canadian designers showcased the best of their work. All of the designers brought their own style and story to their pieces while setting the trends for the upcoming spring season. They all gave us something to look forward to while we endure another blistering winter! These flowy and romantic pieces added a new level of sophistication that we can all hope to achieve for spring. Some key designers were highlighted for their excellent use of colour, patterns, and overall themes that truly encompassed the key trends for the warmer months we are already yearning for. Here are just a few below…

Hilary Macmillan

Toronto based designer Hilary Macmillan’s classic use of lady like silhouettes really hit it off at fashion week. Her use of a more romantic and loose look nods to the bohemian trend we can’t expect in Spring. Flowing garments that are both comfortable and sophisticated allow the wearer to exude an effortless type of style. The clothes literally speak for themselves. Another trend that was very prevalent at fashion week was the use of colour blocking and mixing and matching. Bold colours and patterns paired together to create looks that had great depth and dimension allows the wearer to keep it classy while still being fashion forward.


hilary mcmillan 1

hilary mcmillan


Hayley Elsaesser

Hayley Elsaesser’s collection is all about the fun and flirty while still having an edge. She eluded to the cropped midriff showing trend that has come around and it looks like it’s here to stay. The midriff bearing clothes can be a bit daunting but Hayley’s use of the subtle flash that nods to the cropped trend makes it much more wearable. Again we see the mixing of patterns where one must find a unifying theme among two different patterns to create a solid look. Hayley did this beautifully.



Christopher Bates

Men’s fashion is certainly coming a long way and with designers like Christopher Bates producing such wearable adaptable clothing, our boys can step it up! Christopher’s collection has a modern take on safari and we see a new colour palette for him with the use of sand coloured tones, khaki and off white. Christopher was inspired by the movie “The English Patient” and he was so moved by that palette and interpreted it into this collections. Also big thing for spring is the more formal wearable shorts for men. Much for tailored for all occasions.


christopher bates 1

Elan Castor

Leah Antoinette’s dreamy and romantic collection named “Regeneration” was a breath of fresh air indeed. The feeling of renewal and freshness was definitely present in this collection. Her use of a lush palette of fuchsias, turquoises and deep purples along with intricate knits nodded to the bohemian trend once again. This collection is very laid back, cool, and effortless. The knits in her collection were inspired by her grandmother who taught her to knit and the deep appreciation could definitely be seen in every thread. The collection also nods to the nautical trend. Stripes come and go, but according to this collection they will never be more relevant than now!

elan n castor

elan n castor 1

Matthew Ghallager

To me, Matthew Ghallager was the star of the show. With his feminine, sophisticated silhouettes and clothing that fit beautifully, really compliments a woman’s silhouette. His use of a pastel colour palette can be described as nothing but pretty, soft, and beautiful. I know I was not the only one who was left speechless by the truly beautiful pieces he had to offer.

matthew ghallgher

matthew ghallagher


This Article was written by Angie.  Follow her on twitter @Unngie

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Luevo caught up with designer Marcus Andrews


We asked Marcus Andrews, what is his favorite thing about being a designer? He said “seeing people enjoy my product and cherish it in the same way that I do.” We know Marcus’ work is definitely cherished, since many people are recognizing his amazing line called M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection. From professional athletes to everyday people in Marcus’ community, he is creating an amazing momentum and excitement in menswear.

From suits to ties and shoes, M Andrews Sartorial Luxury Collection has something for you. Just visit Marcus has the amazing talent of creating classic and timeless styles for men. His collection stands by the quote, “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” –Gucci

Marcus told Luevo that he stays inspired by knowing that he is building a legacy based on his creativity. We are just thrilled that we get to experience his creativity in creating fine menswear.

A journey to Fashion Week San Diego

It all started on September 29th, 2014; Fashion Week San Diego was about to commence. It kicked off with a private event for the Designers and Sponsors at Rappongi in La Jolla. Loads of delicious Hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, and of course tons of fashionable people. Of the hosts of people, I was able to meet the FWSD founder, Allison Andrews. She’s got to be one of the sweetest individuals I’ve ever met. I see why fashion week in San Diego has grown so much, she’s a powerhouse!


The first official night of FW, the focal point of the show was hair, makeup, and nails. We were able to see what trends would come about for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. My favorite part of the show was the <em>Ah Couture</em> segment of the Bellis Academy show. I love to see art come alive and it was amazing to see how it was portrayed through hair. Another really cool part was when the able jus professional team came out and did the models’ hair, live! It was sort of like Hunger Games: Fashion Week Style. I got a little hairspray shower, but I didn’t mind, it was a good show. 


On the second day, there was an overload of cuteness on the runway. First, Jessica Lynn showed her tot collection and had kid’s with larger-than-life personalities walking in her designs. Soon after, the annual <em>Haute Dog</em> show took place. So many cute dogs up for adoption strutting their stuff. It was a nice show for a good cause. My favorite show was Responsive Textiles. I loved the knit bottoms; they had sort of a resort feel.  There was this floor length skirt that was floor length with a high slit. I literally wanted to take it off of the model at that very moment and wear it home. I knew I wasn’t alone with that notion because everyone around me gushed at how cute it was. 



*sings* On the third day of fashion week my true love gave to me… swimwear from Laced with B! Southern California designers were in the spotlight as this entire night was dedicated to them. Laced with an showed up and showed out with her sexy swimwear line. She featured one print and played around with the placement of the bikini straps. Sure we’d all have killer tan lines, but who cares because the bikinis were HOT! S. Mckeller, the luggage designer, had everyone in awe of his creations. The quality oozed luxury and style. There were no huge logos all over the bags which is great for a subtle, and classy luxe look. 

The 4th night of FWSD was all about elegance and sophistication. Everyone dressed up and wore their sparkling gems and it was divine! The collection that really caught my eye was Alpaca couture. The pieces were so well made. The dresses flowed beautifully and some of the pieces has some avant garde aspects to them which incorporated the artsy factor of fashion into their show.




On the final day of the runway shows, everyone seemed to have made their fashion week friends and we all had a marvelous time. We closed the week with 9 designer shows and partied on the runway while over looking the harbor. It was quite a sight.

I had so much fun the entire week. I can’t wait to make my designer purchases, because between you and I, I’m a shopaholic and I need my fashion fix! Well, until next time!

Article written by Kat Blanca, a guest blogger that blogs about fashion on her personal blog Katblanca be sure to follow her Twitter at @Katblanca.  Designer pieces from Fashion Week San Diego are available now for pre-order at Luevo.

L-L-B talks ecofashion at Fashion Week Brooklyn

Upon first glance at the L-L-B Spring/Summer 15 collection, one can see that there is a great depth to the ideas that have produced the pieces that models wore down the runway at Fashion Week Brooklyn. Lisbeth Løvbak Berg is the designer behind L-L-B whose creations are making waves in the fashion industry, and there is little stopping her goal of taking over the international market.

As an individual, Berg was drawn to many interests ranging from medicine to languages and finally rested on the fashion world. Other career options diminished as her passion steered her towards design. Berg states that her favorite moments are when she sees her pieces come to life on the runway; numerous ideas go into the conception of a piece and to see those ideas come into reality is what makes this design process satisfying for her. It is good that Berg focused on what she really loves and excels at as her creativity and passion drive her towards producing her beautiful lines.

The Spring/Summer 15 collection by Berg called, “Construction” is based on this theme of constructing appearances through clothes. Clothing create an image of who individuals are, but is only a small piece of the larger puzzle of one’s identity. The clothes in the Construction colletion are themselves like pieces in a puzzle, with the option of being able to be attached and detached to outfits. Berg draws inspiration from many places such as an image of cranework against the blue sky. Architecture, industry, and her travels are feed into the ideas she ultimately uses for her designs.

Berg’s design journey is a continuous experimentation with new things. As a child she created ‘little things’ and her studies in art have prepared her to view the world with artistic eyes. The designer is exploring ecofashion as she considers the ways humans and clothing interact. Textiles are not just fabrics, but represent concepts of function and design, making it evident that Berg is not running out of ideas anytime soon.



Pieces from the Construction collection are now available at Luevo.


Retro Swimwear at the Beach

If you are like me and still trying to squeeze in some fun in the sun before the summer ends, then hurry! With little time left and whether or not we’ve been working on getting flat abs, it’s okay because the trend this summer is retro swimwear, which means high waist bathing suit bottoms! Lucky us, right?

Summer has gone retro! The high waist style is back, which is great for those who are curvy and it’s great for those who desire more of an hour glass shape.

Tip: A high waist bottom that has a pattern or some color blocking is great when you want to give the illusion of the hour glass shape. So retro swimwear this summer is a win-win situation!

Enjoy your fun in the sun with confidence ladies! Show off your rockin’ body while being on trend in retro swimwear.

Written by fashion writer and beauty consultant Darcel Laurie. You can follow her on twitter @DarcelWorld!

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Maybe By Catalfo

Maybe By Catalfo was created by Sarah Catalfo, an emerging Canadian designer, who’s fun and playful designs are a thorough reflection of her personality. This sweet and spunky girl is no stranger to the fashion world and her story is an inspiring one! It’s the kind of story that makes you want to take a chance on yourself. Those are the ones that turn out to be the most rewarding after all. I had the great opportunity to meet Sarah and learn more about her story and her brand “Maybe by Catalfo”.

Growing up in Orillia, Ontario, Sarah always felt the need to be different and stand out. She explained to me that the Fashion scene in her town was pretty one dimensional and no one really took risks or expressed themselves through fashion in the way that she felt the need to. Fashion was more than just putting clothes on. It was a way of life, a way to express herself. She was the type of girl that would rock of pair of great stilettos and red crinoline to third period Math, without even batting an eye. Very Pretty in Pink-esque if you will! Being a risk taker from a very young age, taking the risk to pursue a career in the fashion industry was second nature to her. “I wasn’t sure about fashion as it was a risky industry to get into. I went to school for Fashion Management and got hired as an assistant buyer. I learned a great deal there but I wasn’t being fulfilled. I had to go back to my roots and at least try my hand at designing.”


Designing has always been a passion of Sarah’s. She began designing right in the comfort of her own home as most designers do. Printing out blank Archie comics and creating fun designs for Betty and Veronica, was one of her favourite things to do as a youth. Her actual career in design however, really started when the time came to find a dress for her 10th grade semi formal. She decided she wanted something unique that no one else would have. As any girl would, she evoked the help of her mother, who had always been an amazing seamstress, and the end result turned out exactly the way she wanted. Her mother, who worked a full time job and still found the time to make that beautiful dress for her daughter then said, “Alright, now next time you’re making your own!”

Sarah loved the idea; to be able to wear something that was genuinely hers lit a spark in her heart and the rest was history. “After that I started working at Fabricland, so I learned a lot of old lady tricks and learned a lot about fabric that I was never taught in school. Looking back it was a great move. To this day, I have to be around fabrics to get inspired.” As the years progressed, Sarah created dresses for herself and even went on to work on a freelance basis, creating dresses for others who took a liking to her unique designs. She has even designed for the famous Canadian artist Lights, who wore a Maybe by Catalfo dress to the 2009 Juno Awards!


The Maybe Story

What is the story behind the sweet and simple name “Maybe”?

It really started as a school project. The assignment was to create your own line, with all the details that a real line would need.  It was a very creative project. I knew I wanted to make dresses but I thought about naming it “Catalfo” since no one has that name. But I came across the word “Maybe” and it really struck a chord and grew on me. It reminded me of classic foot pop like “maybe ill go out with you”, “maybe ill go to the school dance”, that kind of cutesy feel. It has now evolved from that, into a more sophisticated  feel, catering to everyone from young girls to young women.

As such a young designer I’m sure it hasn’t been an easy road.  What obstacles have you had to face and overcome to get where you are today?

Everything from being at work and feeling like, “is this what I’m supposed to be doing? Why am I doing this?”. A huge obstacle was getting caught in a full time job, how do you adjust a stable life to that of an entrepreneur? Making that transition was hard but it fell into place. I take it as: whatever happened was meant to be and it was a huge blessing that I was able to make that transition. I saw people who were older and stuck in jobs that they hated. I didn’t want that to be me. There will always be challenges when starting a business, obstacles don’t discourage me. It doesn’t mean you’re not doing well, if anything it means you’re doing things right.

The Choose Your Charity Program is a very admirable thing to take part in.  What made you want to take part in such a philanthropic endeavor?

I didn’t want to start promoting Maybe without looking at the bigger picture. To be able to impact something bigger and put it towards these efforts that are for a good cause is important to me. Success is not about how much we make. Essentially, I want to make more dresses so that I’m able to make bigger donations. I want the Maybe girls to feel like they were helping the world. It’s great to work with local charities for fashion. It always keeps you aware and appreciative of all the things you have. At the end of the year I look back and I realize how all these little efforts made a big difference and it puts things into perspective. Clients and customers have things that are dear to their hearts and if they care about it, we want to show that we care too.

The Luevo Collection

All of your dresses are very unique and portray a completely different style.  What inspirations did you draw on to create this collection available on the Luevo website?

What really inspired me was the fabrics, it’s always the fabrics that inspire me and inspire the dresses I make. Each fabric could be for a different girl, each colour could be for a different girl. The collection is something so diverse that you could wear every one for a different life event. The day to day outfits you can make from them are countless. I wanted party wear but also something easy to wear. I’m always looking for a reason to dress up and it’s better to be given a reason and to have fun with what you wear!

Describe the “Maybe Girl”, who is she to you?

The Maybe girl doesn’t care if she gets attention as long as its the right attention. The Maybe girl is reminiscent of the young me; flirty, fun, not afraid to take a risk or have fun with fashion. When I was in school, my friends and I would go to American Apparel, get something great and go out just to be able to show off that new outfit! That’s what the Maybe Girl embodies. She’s carefree, she doesn’t take life too seriously, and that’s why she likes to have fun with what she wears because as long as she feels beautiful in what she’s wearing, that’s all that matters.

What is your favourite dress on the Luevo website right now?

I don’t have a favourite! I would need them all in my wardrobe. Date night, party, day to night, they are all necessities.


Sarah Catalfo’s story is one that embodies perseverance. It’s okay to take a risk if it’s for something you truly believe in and what’s more important than believing in yourself? You could end up with everything you want and more, as long as you’re willing to work for it.

You can follow the funky Sarah Catalfo on Twitter @Maybebycatalfo and visit her website at The Maybe By Catalfo Fall/Winter 2014 collection is available for preorder here!

This article was written by Angie. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Unngie

NYFW DAY 5 Trend Report

NYFW DAY 5 Trend Report

(Featuring Carolina HerreraAlon LivneAngel Sanchez, & Noon by Noor)

We have reached the half-way point of New York Fashion Week? Tired yet? Of course not! One can never get enough of amazing fashions, and the collections presented on Day 5 do not disappoint. From ethereal looks at Alon Livne to classic silhouettes at Carolina Herrera, there was something for everyone!


Carolina Herrera had a pretty diverse color palette.  Her collection started off with dark shades of blue and burgundy and evolved to a few mustard yellow & vibrant red pieces.  While Carolina focused on dark, vibrant hues, the ladies behind Noon byNoor presented an Easter palette of colors down the runway.  Pastels are really having a moment for 2014 with no sign of stopping any time soon. It’s definitely a big transition from darker hues for the Fall & Winter.  Angel Sanchez’s collection was fairly monochromatic with looks in one color at a time.



Photo Credit: Maryna Marston –


Photo Credit: Maryna Marston –


Noon by Noor favored polka dot prints and appliques that transition from full coverage to sporatic. Carolina Herrera featured structured prints & abstract prints in her collection.

NYFW Noon By Noor

Noon By Noor
Photo Credit: Maryna Marston



Carolina Herrera’s collection showcased a substantial amount of volume from oversized coats to exaggerated sleeves.   Her looks were really enjoyable to watch coming down the runway.    Carolina’s skirts and dresses either hit right at the knee or floor length in classy and chic Carolina Herrera style.  AngelSanchez’s uber-feminine dresses & gowns were very powerful. Any woman in one of his designs would command attention when she walked in the room.



Photo Credit: Jane Kratochvil –




Alon Livne wins the award for best accessories from Day 5 with all of the gorgeous head dresses on the models.

Alon Livne

Photo Credit: Jane Kratochvil


Written by Shalanda Turner, Style Editor



(Featuring Tracy Reese, Vivienne Tam, Moncler Grenoble & Jonathan Simkhai)
Day 4 of New York Fashion Week had a lot of stand out moments that may go down in Fashion history. Starting with Moncler Grenoble’s Fashion Week presentation held at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom. The presentation was complete with singing, a 4-level structure and hydraulics. If you weren’t there to catch it live, watch it here! And how did our team fair on Day 4? Well even with some mishaps (missing charger, mic and a sick team member) we received full coverage per usual! We are also happy to report that Maryna is feeling well and back on the scene today for Day 5 coverage! Let’s check out the trends seen on the runway.


Most of us know our complimentary colors; orange and blue, red and green, yellow and purple. Instinctively these color pairings go together. But what about orange and grey? A color combination not thought of often, but when Jonathan Simkhai puts them together you remember. Tracy Reese showed us that outerwear in bold, warm colors is the way to go for Fall! Her red bolero cape, and yellow overcoat are the perfect accessory to any look.

nyfw trend report

The forest or “in the woods” prints seem to be a popular choice for designers this season. Tess Giberson showed off a silhouetted forest Day 2 and Tracy Reese featured a forest at dawn print on a few of her looks. It truly was a gorgeous print and looked amazing coming down the runway. VivienneTam also had a unique variety of prints from animal prints (and not animal print like cheetah but prints with animals on them) to more mosaic patterns.

nyfw trend reportSTYLE, CUT, & FIT
Who says you have to be covered up in tons of fabric just because it’s cold?? Definitely not Jonathan Simkhai. Jonathan went all out to show that sexy is in, even in the winter! A continuing trend across all 4 days of Fashion Week has been the asymmetric hemlines in tops and bottoms. Jonathan had a very cool asymmetric sweatshirt with a zipper. Vivienne Tam kept her hemlines for the most part at the knee. She also sent out these cool pant silhouettes that would almost be harem style except they weren’t wide at the hips. They were baggy down to the ankles where they contoured down to a tapered ankle.

MBFW_FW14_VivienneTam_jkratochvil_7723 - 1
If Jonathan was all about leather and alligator skin, than Vivienne tam was all about eyelet and embroidered fabrics.

Vivienne Tam enhanced her looks with really fun & abstract printed tights!

nyfw trend report

Photo Credits: Jane Kratochvil (

Written by Shalanda Turner, Style Editor

Changing Fashion Habits for 2014

Changing your fashion habits for 2014? As we bring on a New Year and make resolutions for the promise or aspiration of self-improvement, lets reminisce over fashion habits. Looking back at the past, do you have post-shock of December holiday shopping, and rampant consumerism? Out with the old and in with the new, consider these four fashion shopping resolutions to change it up for 2014.

Quality over Quantity

The phrase, “quality over quantity”, is one we often hear in the fashion industry, especially coupled with the popular movement, slow fashion. Opposite to fast fashion, the Slow Fashion Movement, encourages less consumption and thoughtful shopping.  The concept of purchasing a garment for equal price to your Starbucks Macchiato and then having to throw it away after a few washes as it falls apart is a fashion faux pas. Instead, stop the relentless cycle of fast fashion and examine the quality of garments such as looking at the fabric, buttons and hemming. As a note, trends come and go, so it’s always wise to leave the trend jargon behind and buy long lasting quality pieces that suit your style.

Read Clothing Tags and Research

A big part of making changes to your fashion habits is about educating yourself and doing research on the clothing you purchase and the brands you support. The clothing tag is important, it offers information like where the garment comes from, and materials used. Also do research to educate yourself on where and how the garment is manufactured, and any news you can find on the brand such as whether they use sweatshops. Before making a purchase, think of yourself as a walking advertisement, why would you advertise for a label that doesn’t resemble your own ethics that you follow?

Isla Fisherin Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Support Independent Designers and Shop Locally

While, there is an abundance of mass-produced clothing at cheap prices consider shopping locally and from independent designers. Similar to the above commentary, you’ll find better quality from independent designer clothing since the products are usually manufactured with a close attention to detail and fabrics are selected with careful consideration.  Given the smaller scale of production for independent designers, you’ll most likely receive more unique or one-of-a-kind items. One of the added advantages of shopping locally compared to big name retailers is that you can connect with fashion designers and the talent behind your clothing. Not only are you supporting the local economy and creating more jobs for local fashion, but you’re also engaging with the stories behind what you wear.

Do it Yourself

Time to clean out the closet and shop to replenish it? Before throwing clothing away and shopping more, get creative. Repurpose clothes that you’re about to put to waste and turn them into something useful again that fit another purpose such as a look, fashion trend, or size.  If repurposing is not an option give your old clothing to Goodwill and charities for continued use.

Are any of these fashion shopping resolutions hitting your checklist this year?

Article written by Raylin Grace aka Red Curl Owl with Luevo. You can follow Raylin on Twitter @raylingm

New Year Fashion Resolution

Hello Luevo readers! Happy New Year! It is 2014, which means it’s time for a new wardrobe to start the year right. As we bag up and give away our clothing we no longer desire, we make room in our closets for new and exciting clothes we are dying to wear out.

Many will be making New Year resolutions like losing 10 pounds, eating healthier, or being a better “you” all around. Let’s not forget about fashion along with the mix. I have compiled a list of items I hope to see more of or own in 2014. Below is my New Year Fashion Resolution.

Tapered Baggy Trousers
Tapered Baggy Trousers by MoonSpoon Saloon

Tapered trousers are no longer an extremely casual look. They are perfect for all you ladies that need a quick look to throw together. The trousers pictured above are by MoonSpoon Saloon. The colours and shapes add vibrancy to the pant, which creates a bold statement piece so you can stand out!

Cuffed Heels
Cuffed Heels by Charlotte Olympia

These Charlotte Olympia Bubblegum Sweet Dolly cuffed heels are deliciously amazing! Cuffed heels allows for a lot of unique designs that opens up a door for us to enjoy an endless amount of heels.

Tartan Pants by Daisy Street

Tartan is back! This punk inspired look is everywhere with no apologies. The designs have become more fashion forward, which makes this look wearable for just about anyone. Above is a pair of Daisy Street Tartan high waisted leggings. This print is perfect for anyone seeking to create an edgier look for themselves in 2014.

Tulle Skirts 
Tulle Skirt by Laura Khoury

Tulle skirts create such a fun and cute look with mostly anything you pair it with. This Lara Khoury yellow tutu skirt is no exception. This whimsical skirt has a lot of movement, while the colour can be paired with anything bold or subtle and will surely have your outfit standing out.

Velvet Dress
Velvet Dress by Beaufille

This Beaufille semi fitted mini dress is a perfect piece to wear for a casual dinner night with friends. The slash across the chest adds a subtle hint of sexiness, which will add a little drama to your look.


Armour Ring
Armor Ring by Maria Francesca

Armour rings are sure to jazz up any outfit, especially this particular ring from Maria Francesca Pepe. It bands around your entire finger and exposes enough for others to know it is one piece.


Be sure to follow Jonika on Twitter @JonikaJun