New Year-New Designers

Here we are at the start of a new year. This is the time of year when people will attempt to keep their resolutions.  One resolution that always seems to appear is changing your look.  Now I am not going to focus on changing your whole appearance, but rather how to add new things to your wardrobe.  I narrowed it down to a few emerging designers that not only can help make this happen, but are also the ones to watch this year.

I visited several websites before I found a set of emerging designers that caught my attention on StartUp Fashion.    What sets them apart from all of the others are their products and overall brand that are truly unique.   It wasn’t only their unique style that drew me in, rather the influential message behind their brand.  You will definitely want to make sure to keep an eye on them this year.

The first emerging designer I want to highlight will help fashionistas who are looking for truly distinctive handbags, backpacks or wallets to add to their 2015 wardrobe.  Chiyome is the brand for you.  Since launching the brand in November 2011, Creative Director & CEO Anne Lynett Moss incorporates solid artistic roots into her designs courtesy of her maternal Japanese ancestry. The brand is also committed to source materials from minority-owned located preserve of leather work in NYC.  If you are looking for a minimalist,yet chic high-quality leather handbags, backpacks and etc. then you should check out Chiyome. You can find CHIYOME at their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest .


The next emerging designer is perfect for those looking to stock up on beachwear and are concerned with animal protection at the same time.  Created in July 2013, Misha Mendicino Designs offers beautiful, yet effortless designs that will be perfect for your beach days in 2015.  Mendicino was also crowned the Designer of the Year at Phoenix Fashion Week 2014.   On the philanthropic side, they are dedicated to the protection of elephants.  Not only do they have a Signature Elephant Logo Print , but they also partnered with David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  In addition, Misha Mendicino Designs donates 5% of all sales generated to secure a future for elephants.   To find out more about Misha Mendicino Designs check out their website.

Misha Mendicino Designs phoenix-design-week

If are looking for traditional sophistication with a touch of contemporary design to add your look in 2015, then Ryu Ryu is the emerging label you’ve been seeking.  Ryu Ryu consists of clean lines, a soft color palette, and is extremely luxurious when it comes to the designs.  The designs ranging from tops to their signature designs are sure to satisfy the taste of the sophisticated woman. One of my favorites from the line has to be the Strappy Racerback Dress  which can be dressed up or down.   Outside their designs Ryu Ryu also likes to give back.  A portion of their sales are used to feed children in North Korea.  To find more about Ryu Ryu  visit their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

RYU RYU Strappy Racerback Dress

I am confident that these emerging designers will help you add hot items to your attire this season for a whole new look. I have a feeling we will be hearing from each of these brands and designers in 2015, so keep an eye out for them!

This article was written by Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter at @TZB86

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