Be Bold Wearing Red

For most, the winter season is full of dreary, dark, and neutral tones. We suggest breaking out of that boring colour scheme and making a bold statement by wearing red! Check out some of the stylish outfits and accessories we’ve chosen to help you transition your wardrobe to bolder and brighter things!

Wearing Red


Where to Get the looks:

(from left to right)

The color block stand-collar coat from Black Five is crazy cute and super affordable! You can grab this look for under $65 and pair it with your favorite pair of black pants or jeans for a quick and easy winter outfit.

This Chicwish Jacquard Rose Pleated Midi Skirt adds a flirty fair to your winter wardrobe! Costing under $50 you can pick up a new classic white blouse like this Alexander McQueen Pussybow silk blouse and some pumps to complete the perfect outfit for any holiday party or dinner.

Go ultra bold by mixing a geometric print with your bright red accent! This combination of the French Connection Ciao Checked Trousers and the Alexander McQueen Blazer is a perfect way to add a tasteful pop to your work wardrobe during the colder weather.

If you are still stuck in your winter style funk and want a quick way to spruce  up  your outfit, try some of these fun accessories like this gorgeous Michael Kors leather satchel, or these Elvana Metal pointed court shoes  and this fun black fedora hat!

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Winter Wonderland: Ways to Wear White this Winter

Winter white style guide

An unofficial ‘rule’ of fashion is not to wear white after Labor Day. However, this ‘rule’ has been broken constantly with the continued appearance of white on the runway throughout the fashion season. It really comes to whether you are a fan of wearing white or not. The winter season is fast approaching and with it comes the quest to find the perfect way to style winter whites. In order to give you a better idea on how to wear fashionable winter whites I spoke with a few fellow fashion bloggers and professionals to get their take on just how to wear this color and what you might want to avoid.

Kristie Glenn, Blue Labels Boutique owner and blogger of What’s The Haps had this to say, “Pairing white with camel is a great way to wear white in the winter! Here is a trendy outfit idea: white trousers, a thin white sweater with a camel colored cape (which are a big trend right now) and leopard print shoes. It’s usually best to avoid wearing black shoes because they can look too heavy.”  For more from Kristie you can find her boutique Blue Labels Boutique here and her blog, What’s the Haps?.

Ways to wear white

Pantone white

Here’s another idea tip courtesy of Marian Rothschild, a Certified Personal Image Consultant, wardrobe stylist, blogger, award-winning and best-selling author.  You can be a trendsetter by wearing white when all others around you are wearing dull gray and boring black. “Winter white” is a very soft shade of ivory with a tiny tint of either peach, tan or yellow. Do not go with a grayish white; it will look dreadfully dull against any skin tone. You can find Marian at

Our third outfit idea and input comes courtesy of Aurora Berill who is the founder & administrator of Elegance of Luxury. It reaches an international audience mainly from Italy, the US, UK and Germany.  The following is what she had to say:

“Our personal style says a lot about ourselves. Don’t be afraid to experiment, add a bit of white and your look will transform into an elegant and sophisticated look. I’ve created 3 looks which can inspire you and help you get dressed for work, elegant dinners and other occasions & etc. If you prefer to add more black and less white into your winter look, then take a look at one of my outfits. I wear my black and white coat in combination with a red dress. Take care of the details!”

White winter by Aurora Berill

You can find Aurora over on You can also connect with her on several social media platforms found on the blog as well.

Here’s my final take.  The outfit choices are endless.  For example, you might prefer an all white look (i.e. detailed jacket, blouse, and pants paired together).  If traditional white isn’t what you are going for then perhaps a different shade like ecru or ivory might work for you.  You can also pair white with another neutral color or metallic like silver to give you more of a winter feel.  This look will work if you plan on attending parties this holiday season.   These are just some of the tips on the stylish ways to wear your winter white this upcoming season. Hopefully, I have given you an insight on how to style your winter white, and also how to make it a must have part of your winter wardrobe.

Winter White by Tamarah Brown

This article is written by Tamarah. Follow her on Twitter @TZB86

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Modern Twist on 1950s Fashion

Who doesn’t love beautiful classic 1950s fashion? The flattering waistlines, the full skirts, and the modest necklines, there is so much that is right with the 50’s styles! But why limit the amazing trends to just one decade? We’ve created a few fashionable ideas on how to channel those classic looks into your everyday wardrobe.

1950's flare

We love this flattering, midi-length dress from Semoner Designs! The cap sleeves add a gorgeous vintage flare and can be easily dressed up with pumps and pearls or kept casual with tights and a cardigan, perfect for an afternoon out. You can pre-order this and other Semoner Designs’ pieces straight of the DC Fashion Week runway, here.

The Victoria by Victoria Beckham dress is beautiful and bright! This sleeveless, mid-length piece is simple, elegant and will make your outfit absolutely flawless! You can grab yours here.

We can’t get enough of this Tibi poofed black and white striped skirt. It’s fun and flirty and will add a gorgeous vintage edge to any outfit!

The Preen Dutchess Sunglasses are a perfect mirror of the classic 50’s “Cat Eye” fashion! They go great with Chie Mihara Mary Jane Pumps and the Kate Spade purse to add some 50’s inspired accessories to any outfit!

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The story behind that Longchamp Le Pliage tote

We’re taking you back in history to visit the street style scene in Paris just before the 1920s. Mashable posted an article titled “1910-1920: Fashion at the Parisian Races”. The title is self explanatory and the article explores the beautiful trends of the period leading up to the 1920s. The famous horse races at the Longchamp Grand Prix was also the venue for stunning fashion as shown by these photos.

As you could imagine, World War 1 was a bleak time for Parisians and the end of the war signaled a move towards a hopeful future. Exuberance and lightness marked the period and women had more freedom than ever after the war. This affected their dress as corsets loosened and freedom allowed for bare legs and shorter hemlines. It wasn’t just about women having the freedom to wear whatever they chose, but the breakdown of constraints on women that started with women’s roles in the war.

Race wear 1


Race Picture 2


To define it simply, this period could be described as a fashion revolution with iconic designers like Coco Chanel and Paul Poiret making political and social statements about women through their designs. We decided we would take look at how these trends have continued more 100 years to today’s street and celebrity style. One accessory that has become an icon with these events are hats.

The large brimmed hats lasted the test of time.  No matter if they are have large bows, feathers or oversized floral accessories, these hats allow you to express your style while still keeping up with the trend!

We love these hats from Woodbine Racetrack, the bright and bold hats add a beautiful splash of colour to any outfit!

Courtesy of

Queen’s Plate at Woodbine Racetrack – Courtesy of

If you love the sophisticated and classic look of the veil that was often worn to these types of events, take a page from Rihanna’s style book to try it out yourself! We love how effortlessly RiRi incorporates this classy net veil into her outfit. So chic and so cute!

Rihanna Veil

Courtesy of

The fascinator look might be more difficult to pull off in your day-to-day outfits, but if you ever have a wedding or other formal occasion, they add a classic and flirty touch to what you’re wearing.  Now who can rock the headpiece better than royalty? We are looking to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton for inspiration on this trend.

kate middleton

Courtesy of

The Longchamp Grand Prix was one event that attracted and displayed the great French fashions of the time. We can see why the iconic French brand Longchamp took inspiration from this history and we’re thankful for the fabulous style that these women wore and changed for fashionistas of the next generation.

Jessica Alba Biker Chic – Fall Fashion Trend

We are in love with this rebellious look from Jessica Alba! It is cool, hip and perfect fall fashion trend as we are getting into the colder weather. We’ve taken some products from our favorite designers and brands to re-create this biker chic style.

Jessica Alba Biker Chic Style

Get the look:

The Angelica Jacket by Jose Luis Rocha totally completes this look. It’s edgy leather exterior and feminine waistline, makes this biker chic outfit super flattering! The star printed jeans are perfect for adding some eye-catching interest to any outfit. You can find these and similar style jeans here. To add a pop of color try one of these gorgeous Zurich Shoulder Bags from Milli Millu. We love the fun and bright colors without sacrificing a cute, practical bag! Finalize the look with these classic black booties and knit circle scarf. It will polish your outfit while keeping you warm this fall!

Re-wearable and Easy Halloween Costumes

We know nothing is worse than buying an expensive halloween costume only to wear it once, then have it collect dust in your basement because: a.) A socially acceptable time to wear it again never came; b.) You forget you have it; or c.) The trend is over.

This is a classic halloween dilemma when it comes to dressing up. That’s why we have created three easy halloween costumes with dresses you don’t have to wait until the last day of October to wear.

Happy Halloween

We used the gorgeous Audrey dress from WishNow for a cat costume, but this could easily be transformed into, as the name suggests, Audrey Hepburn, or a beautiful Black Swan. You’ll also be the trendiest one trick-or-treating this year, as this dress is hot off the San Diego runway!

For the Angel costume we incorporated a stunning Elizabeth and James skater dress to complete the look. Once you have the dress the rest of the costume is a cinch! Just go to your local costume store and pick-up a wand, halo, and some wings, or better yet, make your own!

Our final suggestion is a more practical way of  being this year’s trendiest princess, Elsa. As much as we love the shoulder to floor sequins, we went with a simple Romwe sleeveless dress that you can wear again and again. Pair this with some elbow length gloves and a tiara and you’re set!

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Apple Watch, the must-have fashion accessory of 2015?

If there ever was a company that knows how to combine fashion and technology, it’s Apple, and the Apple Watch is its latest masterpiece. Smart watches have finally come into their own. Pebble was the first to launch one in 2013, but as revolutionary as it is, it’s far from fashionable. The Android versions were a step forward, but none are the size or style that would find itself at home on a fashionista’s wrist. Watches need to be attractive as a fashion accessory, and Apple really knows how to make technology sexy! Coming in 2 sizes, essentially Women and Men sizing, couples will be able to get his-n-hers. These won’t be available for Christmas, but we hope they’ll be ready for Valentine’s Day. All we know so far is that we can’t wait to see these in the flesh and try one on (especially the 18K Gold one!):

Retro Swimwear at the Beach

If you are like me and still trying to squeeze in some fun in the sun before the summer ends, then hurry! With little time left and whether or not we’ve been working on getting flat abs, it’s okay because the trend this summer is retro swimwear, which means high waist bathing suit bottoms! Lucky us, right?

Summer has gone retro! The high waist style is back, which is great for those who are curvy and it’s great for those who desire more of an hour glass shape.

Tip: A high waist bottom that has a pattern or some color blocking is great when you want to give the illusion of the hour glass shape. So retro swimwear this summer is a win-win situation!

Enjoy your fun in the sun with confidence ladies! Show off your rockin’ body while being on trend in retro swimwear.

Written by fashion writer and beauty consultant Darcel Laurie. You can follow her on twitter @DarcelWorld!

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Sheer Garments Are In

Less is not more this summer, sheer garments are one of the biggest trends this summer. It is an instant hit from the runway to red-carpet. After Rhianna’s jaw dropping dress reveal, showing up in a completely sheer dress at the CFDA awards earlier this summer, was only right on trend. Many celebrities followed in the trend, just not as revealing.

sheer (5)

sheer (6)

The leg veil is like wearing a long and short dress at the same time. It has been a great, yet classy way to show a lot of leg. From lace to embellishment, sheer fabric is what will keep the heads turning this summer.

sheer (2)

So if you are feeling daring ladies and don’t mind showing off those lovely legs of yours, try wearing something sheer this summer!
Tip: When wearing a leg veil, it is good to pair it with a less revealing top.

Written by fashion writer and beauty consultant Darcel Laurie. You can follow her on twitter @DarcelWorld!

Are you looking for a new writing opportunity? Perhaps you have style tips that you would like to share with the world? We value new fashion trends and are always looking for talented guest bloggers. If you’re a blogger or writer, this is the place for you to get noticed. Can you see yourself as a part of our blogging team? Apply here!

Plain White T’s Aren’t Just a Band, But a Fashion Statement

Wearing a plain white t-shirt is overwhelmingly apparent with possibilities for an amazing outfit. Yeah, that’s right – a plain white t-shirt has some serious potential. Of course, putting on your white t-shirt is a little scary at first. While there are many possibilities to have a rocking outfit, you can also do so much wrong with a white t-shirt – like spill coffee on it. Is it just me or do you all manage to spill something on your white shirts no matter what? Either way – sometimes you have to just go for it, and hope for the best. Here are some ways for you to style your plain white t-shirt’s!

plain white t (1)

 1. Statement Necklace

A statement necklace is a great way for outfits to be one and done. What that means is you simply just put on a necklace – and you’re good to go. Statement necklace’s are huge trends this season, and a must have for every fashionista’s wardrobe. You can get them in every color – literally, every color. How can you not? It’s also easy on the go, as mentioned before, and perfect for any stylish working lady or just any lady on the go. They aren’t too expensive and can be found in virtually every clothing store so it’s accessible for all, and super cute. A perfect way to spice up your plain white t-shirts!


2. Bold Bottoms

Probably the newest, and most fun way to spice up your wardrobe – bold bottoms. Whether it’s colored denim or flowy fun bottoms; it’s amazing. They offer more attention to your lower half, if that’s what you’re into. Also, they allow you to be comfortable if you go for the flowy route. Of course, colored denim is always a wonderful option too, but really – jeans aren’t anyone’s favorite. Of course, fun leggings that are patterned are always a plus because you can wear leggings and look up to date in your fashion sense. Perfection. Bold bottoms are a great way to go if you’re trying to wear up your plain white t-shirts!  

plain white t (3)

3. Headband Heaven

A super easy way – and convenient for bad hair days – to add some color to your t-shirts are fun headbands. They keep your hair out of your face, and also allow you to rock your comfy white t-shirts. Keep your hair out of my face and be in a comfy shirt? Umm, sign me up, please! It’s also a really affordable option to add some color to your outfits. Jeans, a white shirt, a fun headband, and some funky sandals – you look like a fashionista in a matter of minutes. Amazing solution for your plain white tee’s!



The best thing about white shirts is everything goes with them. Even white on white outfits can be on point sometimes. Also – they can be found pretty cheap, so you don’t need to break the bank while creating some great outfits. You can spend more money on accessories and bottoms than shirts. What’s your favorite way to style a white t-shirt? Let us know in the comments below!

Article written by Amanda, an aspiring fashion journalist who blogs about fashion on her personal blog The Trendy Times. Be sure to follow her on Twitter @barba_amanda!

Are you looking for a new writing opportunity? Perhaps you have style tips that you would like to share with the world? We value new fashion trends and are always looking for talented guest bloggers. If you’re a blogger or writer, this is the place for you to get noticed. Can you see yourself as a part of our blogging team? Apply here!